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WestlawNext is Thomson Legal and Regulatory's (TLR) premiere online research tool for the international legal community. WestlawNext enables legal professionals to retrieve cases, statutes, and other documents from TLR's vast global library of legal and business materials in a matter of seconds.

WestlawNext combines essential, authoritative information resources with the technical innovation of Westlaw -- the leading online legal information service in the United States. By combining materials from renowned content providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, ELLIS Publications, Lawbook Co, Carswell, and West Group, WestlawNext offers you a unique collection of trustworthy legal and regulatory information.

Canada: Environmental Law reports and more

Hong Kong: The High Court of Hong Kong (before 1997)

European Union: Tables and annexes not available in CELEX

United Kingdom: The Law Reports, by the Incorporated Council for Law Reporting for England and Wales United Kingdom Consolidated Laws in Force, UK legislation by Sweet & Maxwell Case law and Legislation Locators, value-added references to citing cases, secondary resources and other contextual information for UK case law and legislation, by Sweet & Maxwell

United States: The collection also includes Westlaw Topical Highlights (a current awareness service) for selected topical areas and a large collection of law reviews, practice texts, and treatises.

Topical Collections

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