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Location of collections

Chinese Library
Classification Number
Location NAME Of The Reading Room
Chinese & western language books,
Bound periodicals & newspapers
A105 Stack Room
Special Collection B209 Treasure Reading Room
Current periodicals & newspapers A312 Periodical & Newspapers
A-D8、E A502 Social Science
D9 A401 Legal Materials
F-F2 A412 Economics
F2-F7 A408 Trade & Transportation
F8、G A402 Finance
H A501 Language & Linguistics
I、J、K A512 Literature & History
N-S A508 Basic Science
T(Except TP) A613 Industrial Technology
TP、U-Z A609 IT & Transportation
E-Resources A602 Digital Media Lab(Free)
E-Reading Room A601 E-Reading Room (1)
E-Reading Room A603 E-Reading Room (2)
A728 Ports,Shipping & Logistics Subject Reading Room
A732 Merchant Marine & Ocean Science and Technology Subject Reading Room
31-35、D Maritime Law & Policy Subject Reading Room